Community empowerment is one of the targets development in Indonesia that can be developed by all parties. One of them is around the operational area of PT. Makmur Lestari Primatama according to RIPPM (Master Plan for Development and Community development).

Community Development and Empowerment Program (PPM) become a part of industry and mining, as a solution imbalance in the real form of inner survival welfare of the community, especially mining links.


Ransel Pak Nikel is one of the quality improvement activities education that has been carried out in several elementary schools located around the company's operational areas since 2020. January 2022 we visited the seventh and eighth schools, namely SDN 06 and SDN 01 Langgikima.

2. MLP TEACHING "Computer Training"

The MLP TEACHING program is a program that focuses on improving the ability of human resources, especially for the people who live in the area around the company

In our view, convergence action is necessary to stimulate the capacity of local communities. After going through the mapping, we finally decided to choose the Computer Training program. This idea arose because of the difference between indigenous and foreign communities in the Langgikima area, due to the low number of local workers who work as employees or staff or administrative staff in existing companies.

3. BK3N "Safety Riding"

One of the external activities in commemorating the National Health and Safety Month or BK3N every year, namely this year's External activity held at SMA Negeri 01 Langgikima with a theme entitled "Safety Riding".

The definition of Safety Riding is a form of safe and comfortable driving behavior, safe and comfortable in the sense of being safe for yourself and also for other drivers.


Rumah Baca Buranga, we gave the name for our first reading point this year, buranga is an absorption from the menui tribal language which means sand. The geographical location of several villages around the PT. Makmur Lestari Primatama is a coastal area with local residents of the Menui ethnicity. In our opinion, the sand philosophy is a comfortable place to gather, learn, and play together. The Buranga reading house was inaugurated at the house of a resident named Mr. Wahdin, which is near the TPA where the children recite the Koran, not just books that we brought, there are bookshelves, study tables and mats that have been provided by PT. Makmur Lestari Primatama with the hope that the children are free to study there. Hopefully this reading house will be a trigger for children to learn to read, increase people's interest and reading power.

5. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM "Literacy Class Program"

The Buranga reading house is not just reading books, we also teach children who are not very fluent in reading. We named this program CLASS AKSARA.

Like this Sunday morning, we invite the children who have finished the Koran to gather at the village hall, armed with a blackboard and simple tools that we made. We started this Literacy Class by introducing children to basic letters such as the division of consonants and vowels. We also bring spelling books that have been prepared long ago for children who are not fluent in reading, besides that we also teach children to write properly and correctly.

We hope that with this literacy class, the basic literacy skills of children around the company's area can increase.


This year PT. Makmur Lestari Primatama again handed over the assistance of Health Facilities for health facilities located in villages around the company, currently there are three health facilities located respectively in Ngapainia village, Molore village and Alenggo village. However, this year it is planned that there will be two additional health facilities in Lameruru village and Molore Pantai village.

At the beginning of the year we visited all health facilities to inquire about the plan for providing assistance for health in the hope that the assistance will be right on target and in accordance with the needs to support service activities.

As for the Alenggo village pustu, we provide assistance in the form of 1 set of oxygen cylinders complete with equipment to support the management of patients with respiratory problems and the needs of patients when they are referred to regional hospitals.

7. AN-NUR TPA FACILITIES "in Ngapa Inia Village

The Qur'an Recitation Place or TPA located in Ngapa Inia village, was just established in December under the name TPA An-Nur, this TPA is a place to learn the Koran for children who live in Lameruru and Ngapainia villages.

Starting from Pak Tayyib as the teacher who teaches the Koran at that place, he said that the place for the Koran was originally at Pak Imam's residence, until in the end because so many children started arriving to recite the Koran, Mr. Zubair as the Head of Ngapa Inia Village provided facilities in the form of a house. which is near the village hall as a place to recite the Koran. Thank you because the village government is still sensitive to facilities for children who are studying.