Basic Strategy

Employees as the Most Valuable Resources
The company always tries to place employees as a key element for the realization of the company's vision and mission by capturing prospective workers who quality and implement a work culture that upholds professionalism, creative and innovative, disciplined, and target oriented. In addition through training and transferring technology or transferring skills from fellow employees. The company is trying improve skills and skills so as to produce more output quality, uplifting the company's image, and being able to become a future leader for the company.

Operational Planning and Implementation
Our company always prepares a strategic Work Plan and Budget, measurable, directed, and accountable. The work plan and budget is realized through selective operational implementation stages, consistent with the calendar timeline work but remains realistic and flexible with market conditions, national regulations and stability local economy, and uncertain weather conditions.

Local and Global Partnership Collaboration
The company is always trying to open up to encompass partnership with local and foreign investors. This collaboration is certainly based on the importance of contributions companies for local economic progress, global expertise support, capital increase, implementation of environmental conservation on an international scale (International Green Investment), and expanding market networks both domestically and internationally.

Financial Strength and Flexibility
Financial strength (capital) supported by measurable planning, right on target, and effective is a key strategic for the progress of the company. Our company will continue trying to increase financial strength by increasing revenue from the sales sector and implementing selective and efficient operational expenses. We believe that "Trust, Image and Reputation" are formed from professionalism human resource work and its supporting elements. Through these strategies, we believe PT. MLP will become the best mining company that is increasingly advanced, superior, and tough.